While we most often work directly with individuals and families, this client story is an example of how our work at Expro directly impacted the community.

The Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church represents the United Methodist Church organizational body for Kansas and parts of Nebraska. We worked directly with Reverend Gary Beach, out of Topeka, Kansas. Rev. Beach had inherited mineral rights, and wished to sell them in order to add extra funding to the Great Plains organization.

Rev. Beach describes his experience with Expro as having gone very well, and that the Expro team left him with no inhibitions about the sale. A man of few words, he simply stated that Expro offered “the best bid, with the best lease terms.”

The total sale amounted to $112,500. What is truly remarkable is what that extra funding helped accomplish for Great Plains. Being a not-for-profit organization, Rev. Beach explained that this money would go directly towards providing grants to pastors who were struggling with medical issues, or struggling to keep up with medical bills. It’s hard to imagine a better cause than that.

At Expro, we hear stories like this very often, but they are always great to hear. We strive to make the selling process as easy and hassle-free as possible for our clients because we know that the funds they receive can make a world of difference.

One of the most common responses we get from clients, when talking about why they chose to sell, is related to preparing for the future. Whether for themselves or for their loved ones, our clients seem to be constantly looking forward. This attitude is very true of our client Lana Mills of Texas, in regards to selling her mineral rights with Expro.

Mrs. Mills had long been planning to save her mineral interests as an inheritance for her kids, but her opinion pivoted when she learned about what Expro could offer. Like many of our clients, she’d been hounded by calls from interested parties for years and years, but she felt differently when she was contacted by Expro.

She dealt directly with Jeff Miley of Expro, and one of the biggest differences to her was, as she put it, “Jeff’s no-pressure approach.” In her opinion, it was the first time that an interested buyer wasn’t pushy, condescending, or stressful, that made a world of difference to Lana.

Understandably, Jeff’s ‘no-pressure approach’ on its own wouldn’t be enough to convince her to sell what she considered her kids’ inheritance. What ultimately pushed her across the finish line was the price-per-acre we were able to offer her. For the first time, she felt that the amount offered was substantial enough to replace the minerals as her kids’ inheritance. The price point, coupled with Jeff’s professionalism, gave her the comfort & confidence to sell, and she described the selling process to us as “a great experience.” 

The total sale amounted to $242,000, which Lana and her husband used to purchase land. That land now constitutes a family oasis, which will eventually become her kids’ inheritance, and her grandkids’ inheritance after that. By working with Expro, she was able to create a meaningful asset that will be enjoyed by her family, and passed down through generations for years to come.

Some of the most important aspects of what we do at Expro have nothing to do with dollars and cents. Whether we’re helping clients live comfortably, or bringing them peace about selling minerals inherited from their parents long ago, the relational aspect of our process is important to us, and we believe that sets us apart.

Ms. Satterwhite inherited her mineral interests in Stephens County, Oklahoma, from her parents, but didn’t actually know about them until landmen approached her to lease them in 2010. Like many mineral owners we work with, Jeannie had mixed emotions about selling her mineral rights. These mixed emotions weren’t about price points or trends, but about what the rights symbolized to her family. Her father worked in oil fields all of his life, and she says, “he would be proud that he left us this legacy.”

Despite being approached by landmen as early as 2010, she didn’t sell until she started working with Expro in 2015. After five years of turning down offers, she seemed to see something different in our process and attitude. She worked directly with Jeff Miley of Expro, and described her experience with Jeff as “outstanding and caring,” as well as “like dealing with family or friends.” 

After talking with Jeff about her thoughts and feelings about selling, she ultimately came to the conclusion that selling to Expro would be the decision her father would make as well. Furthermore, when asked about choosing Expro over all of the other companies making offers, Ms. Satterwhite said, “I had many offers, but Jeff was so friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about the process. I believe he went above and beyond to make us an outstanding offer, and followed through until payment was made and closed.” It’s truly in our DNA at Expro to act as an advisor to clients, and to treat them like individuals rather than transactions. That character is directly evident in Jeannie’s experience with us.

In the end, the total sale came out to $242,000, which Jeannie is confident would make her father proud. When asked about what these funds would allow her to do, Ms. Satterwhite said, “Being a retired single woman, I was able to pay off my debt and live comfortably.” We’re proud to be able to provide that relief.

While we place a strong emphasis on education, we talk to many individuals who know what kind of wealth they’re sitting on, have received numerous direct mail offers, and are exhausted of buyers & brokers trying to play hardball with them. For experienced mineral owners like this, Expro’s conversational approach is a breath of fresh air. Rhonda Maiden is an example of this exact type of owner. 

Rhonda inherited her mineral rights from her parents and had held onto them for quite some time. Like many well informed mineral owners, she had a specific price-point in mind, and was perfectly happy to hold onto her rights until that price-point was met. Over the years, she’d dealt with too many offers to count and was never really approached with her ideal price. In her experience, mineral buyers were low-balling her without giving her any opportunity to negotiate. On top of that, she found many of these businesses to be too slow and inefficient to keep a real conversation going. This changed when she received an offer letter from Jeff Miley of Expro Minerals.

As the conversation began, Jeff carefully discussed market realities relating to price, yet gave Rhonda room to negotiate where others wouldn't. Ultimately, Jeff and Rhonda came to an agreement on price, and we held up our end of the bargain meeting her figure. In total, Expro bought the Maiden's mineral rights for $25,000. When asked about how she'd describe her experience, Rhonda mentioned that is was "Excellent," going on to say she "was particularly impressed with the speed at which this business was transacted, once paperwork was received."

The sale of her minerals has empowered Rhonda to pay off bills “as fast as my hot little hands will work,” as she put it. It’s given her the peace of mind to take a vacation, and she’s also taking her husband to the Grand Canyon for the first time. We love the stories of what people accomplish with money earned from their minerals, but more than that we love knowing that we made a client feel heard, cared for, and respected. We strive to accomplish that with every client interaction.

At Expro, we pride ourselves on our ability to work through any sticking points for our clients so deals are closed quickly and painlessly. This client story exemplifies that exact philosophy in action. While this client requested that her name not be used, she still felt passionately about sharing her story.

The client owned mineral rights in Oklahoma that she inherited from her parents & shared with a family member. Initially, it was her family member who contacted us, but the client ultimately became the decision maker on the sale. Having held her rights for some time, she was anxious about the logistics of selling her minerals, but she had financial goals to accomplish. This is when Expro came into the picture. 

We took her through a streamlined sales process, and transparently established a dollar amount agreeable to both parties. What struck the client about our conversational approach was how easy it was for her. In her words, “It was smooth. When we encountered hiccups we worked through them without incident.” Ultimately, once the sale was complete, we circled back to ask about what she enjoyed most about Expro, as she’d been reached out to by multiple mineral buyers in the past. Her answer was, “price, first and foremost, was important to us. But it was Expro’s commitment to purchasing our minerals, working through any sticking points, and closing out the deal rapidly and painlessly that set you apart.” 

We love to see clients go from feeling anxious and skeptical about selling their minerals to feeling the relief and fulfillment that comes with selling minerals through Expro. In the end, this client earned $42,000, which she told us has helped her and her family eclipse numerous personal financial milestones.

Some of our favorite client stories involve our mineral purchase enabling them to purchase something they’d been putting off for a while. Clients who have something very specific in mind that’s driving their decision to sell. This is one such case. Mr. Blunt found Expro through our new website, and after our quick sales process his family was able to raise money for a major purchase.

Doug inherited his mineral rights from his parents, and held onto them for quite some time. As is typically the case, he was approached by numerous potential buyers, but was wary of making a hasty decision or falling for a false promise. He came across Expro Minerals through our new website, and found that our digital presentation of services and philosophy lined up well with what he was looking for in a mineral rights buyer. He wanted a compassionate company that communicated well and had great customer service. He trusted that Expro was this company.

After a few phone calls and meetings with Jeff Miley of the Expro team, Doug quickly pulled the trigger to sell his minerals. He knew that when he found the right company, he wouldn’t hesitate. He said that the biggest differentiator was Jeff’s great customer service skills, describing him as “delightful” and has having “great communication.” Ultimately, Mr. Blunt received a 6-figure sum for his 6.67 acre interest.

This mineral sale has enabled Doug and his family to raise the capital necessary to purchase a brand new condo, which they’d been saving for for quite some time. We couldn’t be happier that our transaction helped make this possible. If you own a mineral interest, and are wondering if it’s time to sell to buy the next item on your wish list, give Expro Minerals a call and we’ll help you make that very important decision.